4 Delight yourself in the Politics, and it will give you the ‘yuge’ desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Politics has turned into primetime TV programming replete with drama, tension, sinful delights and horror.  I think the greater good has little to do with the circus that’s taking place so it’s time for my Cool Tech,  Part I post, woot woot!!

We live in a time of disruptive technological change.  Having recently moved, I had the opportunity to test out Kevo, Ring, Hue, Arlo, and Echo a.k.a. Alexa.  In my Cool Tech, Part Deux post, I’ll share my experiences with each and provide an update on the local tennis seasons.

snapchatAnd speaking of cool and the future, the Wall Street Journal proclaimed yesterday, “Snapchat is the new TV.”  1 in 4 has a Snapchat account and 10 Billion videos are watched daily.  The average usage per day, per user is greater than 30 minutes.  All adds are skippable and people spend their “downtime” in Snapchat.  I’m 1 for 1 with my boys… one sends me snaps, the other won’t give me his Snapchat name.

Perhaps the most disruptive coming change is Blockchain.  Read The Blockchain Revolution by Alex and Don TapscottWhat is blockchain?  The easiest way to understand blockchain is to think of it in terms of a typical bank account. When you spend money, it’s recorded as a transaction in your bank account, right? It’s the same thing with bitcoin or other industries using blockchain technology. A transaction is recorded in a “block.” Think of blocks like your monthly statements, which neatly divide up your transactions for easy reference (month, date, time, vendor, amount, credit or debit). A set of transactions is recorded as a block once it?s been verified by distributed trusted parties.


Once a block of transactions is complete, they become part of the blockchain. They are linked together in proper order (both chronologically and in linear fashion), and each block links to the block before and after it in the sequence – much like your bank statements for each month showing a starting and ending balance. Blocks are impossible to alter once they’re part of the blockchain, which can create a more trusted, unchanged record of transactions or data that a large network of parties can see and verify.

bitcoinBitcoin – you might have heard about this digital currency, and it’s gaining some traction in payments. Online retailers like Newegg and Overstock.com accept it. There are services that let consumers convert Bitcoin into gift cards for use at their favorite retailers. And beyond that, bitcoin doesn’t seem to be going away. Bitcoin, however, is but one piece of the conversation about emerging technologies such as blockchain and distributed ledger technology, thus it helps to first start with a conversation about these concepts. You might even be more curious to learn how blockchain and Bitcoin might feature in the future for your business.

And speaking of technology , I’m proud of the ultra cool Legos my sons have built.  This is why we’re supposed to have hutches in our homes right?img_1229

Ever hit someone playing tennis with a ball by accident?  How about in Mixed?  I feel bad for both players in this video which is from the Men’s first round of the 2017 Australian Open. Stan smashes Kilzan. #LameDuck #Ouch

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